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All images on this website can be purchased as a print. Presently though, purchases cannot be made directly on the website. That phase of development will take some time so in the meantime if there is a photograph that interests you, send an EMAIL with your request and we can discuss sizes, substrates to print on and prices. Basic prices are discussed below.

In addition to my interest in photography, it happens that I’m also in the business of fine art reproductions (commonly referred to as Giclée prints) and high-quality photo printing so all prints are made by me personally. Metal prints are the exception. Printing on aluminum panels is a specialized process similar to, but different enough from my regular processes that I use outside labs. Prints from the labs I digitally sign and have them drop shipped to you, unless you happen to be here in Lahaina.

One of my goals here is to offer a very customized print to buyers, so if you have specific ideas/needs about a print you want, just
EMAIL me with your ideas. I'm also open to shooting commisions, so don't hesitate to ask.

Here is an overview to give you an idea of sizes, substrates and prices.

All Walker prints are printed full-frame from 35mm film so full frame on 8 x 10 produces image dimensions of 7-3/4” x 10” (or slightly under with 1/8" margins left and right) but if printed as 8 x 12 then the image comes out 8 x 12 (or slightly under with 1/8" margins left and right). It’s your choice which way to go.

8x10 / 8 x 12 prints on Photo Lustre (semi-gloss)______ $12ea

Some images are capable of being printed in larger sizes, but individual images have to be evaluated for their ability to do so.

8x10 / 8 x 12 prints on Photo Lustre paper (semi-gloss)______$12ea

8x10 / 8 x 12 prints on Watercolor paper (matte)______ $12ea

Some images are capable of being printed in larger sizes, but individual images have to be evaluated for their ability to do so.



Print sizes shown are common sizes.  Prints larger than 24 x 36 are available. 







Canvas prints for standard, side-stapled mounting on 5/8” or 3/4” deep stretcher bars are provided with a 1.5” canvas margin around the image. For gallery wrap applications, a 2” image addition is provided by adding a solid color edge, an extended edge, a mirrored edge  plus an additional 1” of canvas. This will account for wrapping on 1.5” deep gallery wrap stretcher bars. Greater depth can be accommodated on request

The gallery wrap styles shown below can be applied to any stretcher bar depth.


All canvas prints are coated to add beauty and protection. The standard finish is a semi-gloss. High gloss and matte are available on request.

Watercolor Paper
Although “watercolor” paper is not a usual choice for printing photography, I’ve found that some images impart a feeling of a watercolor painting on this paper. Photos of subtle colors, for instance, do well on watercolor paper. Some sunsets are a particularly good choice. Images without a lot of dark shadow area work best. The paper I offer has a slight texture and is a warm white.

Photo Luster Paper
This is a smooth, semi-gloss paper with excellent reproduction of the smallest of details. It has the look and feel of a traditional lab print.

Metal Prints
These prints are on rigid aluminum panels and are beautifully printed by my chosen vendors. All are provided with a projection mounting on the back about 3/4” deep, so they are Ready-to-Hang. They will be dropped shipped right to your door.


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