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This gallery is about bringing back photographic images of another time in the history of tourism in Hawai'i. I have reworked them and created three versions: a color-sepia toned look;
a color tinted version reminiscent of old hand-tinted photos; and a black and white version, the original look. An example of each is to the right.

The images here span a timeframe of about the late-1800s to the 1940s. This collection did not begin randomly. It came about because one leg of my genealogy has native Hawaiian roots which has spurred on my intense interest in all eras of Hawaiian history. I began working on the two images below over 12 years ago after extracting them from a family photo album, and explored different approaches to give them a new life. These two photos were taken by my grandmother in 1924. From there it has simply grown.

The commercially sold versions of these images present aspects of life in Hawai'i over the last 100 years or so as represented by the tourism industry. Since the mid-nineteenth century, tourism has been an integral part of Hawai'i's economy. Tourism promotion has always used images of the islands and it's attractions to lure in tourists. Originally, illustrations were used, which gave way to photography by the late 19th century.

Waikiki 1924
The top two photos taken at Waikiki in 1924 started it all. From them I created my first tinted versions.
Tourism has been something of a two-edged sword for Native Hawaiians. These images tend to present life in Hawai'i in a narrow, rather detached from a native-reality way, but they do evoke positive thoughts and memories for many, including myself, therefore I present them here in the spirit of Hawaiian aloha.